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About me - Nyuchen

About me

*hugs you and give you a cup of chocolate milk*
Hey, my name is Nicole, iam 28 Years old but with young heart and a crazy acting. Iam female (Transgirl) what can confuse some people by my voice. But no problem, nobody should fap to it. :3

Like you can see iam really directly, mentaly-strong, sarcastically, offen, lewd and often have a pun in stock. Iam generally really trustfull, open minded, young acting, cute, clumsy and friendly. It is important to me to bring a sense of humor in a situation and often provide a lot humor, sarcasm and a pinch of love for a pleasant and fun atmosphere.

I am a very extroverted and communicative kitty. I like to meet new people, make friends and love when you take me on your side or iontegrate me into conversations to do something together because i like closeness. I own a LGBT friendly community in which everyone is welcome and there is a suitable area for every humor. I can always be reached in Discord, when I'm not in my cuddle/sleep Channel with my girlfriend. : 3

My favorite games are multiplayers or where I can use on my programming skills. Among them is Dead by Daylight, PUBG, Rust, CSGO - MM/Wingman and SpaceEngineers, which I also love to stream on Twitch to entertain people. There are also some best-of's on my Youtube channel. I also love programming for over 15 years and I'm currently developing my own game and web system. :)

You can add me, browse through my page and accounts or visit on my Discord if you want.
Discord: Nyu'chens Catbasket
Steam: Nyuchen
Twitch: Nyuchen
Youtube: Nyuchen

And otherwise, yoa .. um ... penis! : 3

My favorite games